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How to Choose an AC Repair Company

It’s 90 degrees outside, and you realize that no air or hot air is blowing out of your AC vents in your home. How do you choose an AC repair company? There are many things to consider to help you choose the right AC repair company. Here are a few to think about.

Service Experience

The first thing to consider is the company’s service experience. Do not be afraid to ask how long they’ve been in business and how much experience each technician has. You can also inquire about special designations or awards the company has received as a result of training or experience. HVAC

Angie's List Super Service

Service Awards can help you choose a reliable company.

technicians are licensed professionals, and they should be attending continuing education. Continuing education helps the technicians keep up their licensing and keep up with an ever-changing industry. Be sure to ask about what kind of ongoing training they receive.

Customer Satisfaction

When you are ready to choose an AC repair company, consider the reviews of service they have on multiple sites. First, feel free to check the website of the company you are considering. They should have some testimonials there, but keep in mind that the company is in control of the information on their own website. You can check Facebook, Google, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, and other third-party sites to see how customers view the company. We have a wealth of information at our fingertips on the Internet, so use what you can!

Compare Apples to Apples

If you consider multiple quotes when you choose an AC repair company, be sure you are comparing similar services, products, and warranties. If a company will not give some kind of warranty on the service they provide, they are likely not willing to stand behind it. This could mean even more costly repairs down the road for you. If cut-rate companies sell you a sub-standard product, you could end up spending more money when you replace a unit or part sooner. It is usually better to choose quality initially. So remember: when you compare quotes, look at all aspects of the quote, not just the bottom line price.


Any technician that comes to your home should be professional in appearance, attitude, work ethic, and customer care. Do not choose an AC repair company that allows technicians to be sloppy in any area. Choose a company you can trust in and around your home.

When you choose an AC repair company, there are so many things to consider, but always be sure to choose a company you trust. Choose one that stands behind its work and treats you like you matter.


  1. I have noticed that my AC isn’t as strong as it needs to be, but we weren’t sure how to find the right service to take care of it. I really like that you say to make sure that they have a professional appearance about them. It would be nice to know that they take their job seriously in the end.

    • admin says:

      I know it is something we strive for! Even when working in extreme temperatures, we never want our customers to feel anything but safe and secure with us in and around their homes!

  2. Marcus Coons says:

    I appreciate you talking about how an AC technician should act professionally when working. It makes sense that doing this can help you feel comfortable with them and rest assured you will be taken cared of. My parents just moved to a new house and want to make sure the AC is working properly, so I’ll share your tips with them.

  3. Kenneth Gladman says:

    Our cooling unit went out yesterday and I realized I didn’t know who to call in the new area since we moved. I like that you mentioned finding someone who can stand behind their work with a warranty. I will have to find someone who can offer this to help.

  4. I like that you mentioned to make sure you choose a company that will offer a warranty on their service. That way, you can be confident that they will stand by their work and fix any issues that arise. I have been having problems with my AC system, and I need to find somebody to fix it ASAP. I will be sure to ask about warranties as I call around, thanks for sharing!

  5. Joey Schwartz says:

    Lots of things must be considered while choosing an AC repair company such as his experience, he is licensed or not, his rating/reviews, customer satisfaction and many more. By keeping these things in mind, the process of choosing AC Repair Company will be too easy and smooth.

  6. What you recommend about comparing each company with one another is very interesting to me. I didn’t realize that it could be helpful to compare one company’s services and prices to another. This could be helpful when I’m looking to have my AC replaced because choosing a dedicated installation company might be much more cost effective than a repair company that’s unfamiliar with the installation of a new system. Thanks for sharing!

  7. nice your post.. i like it your website.. good and nice your article..step by step writing..very helpful your website..really nice your ac good information..Having little to no heating and cooling in your home can be as unpleasant as if your roof leaked for those living inside… thanks for kind of nice your information sharing…

  8. My air conditioner recently stopped working on me during the hottest week of the year and I need to find a company to come repair it as soon as possible. You mentioned that when searching for a company it is important to compare similar services, products, and warranties with multiple companies since they could have different services with different warranties. That is a great point that I would not have considered with the time frame but I should keep in mind.

  9. Marcus Coons says:

    I totally agree with you in that it is always a great idea to look for customer reviews when looking for an AC repair company. It is important to remember that doing this can help you understand the services the company provides and how satisfied previous clients are with them. Our cooling system is making weird noises and we want to make sure we get it fixed before it causes serious problems, so I’ll make sure to look for online reviews as I start looking for the best contractor.

  10. I like that you mentioned to find an AC company that has been in the business for a few years at least. That way, you can be sure they have the knowledge and experience necessary to do the job. I need to find an AC contractor to help me get my AC working again, because it is really hot. I will make sure to look for these qualities as I search.

  11. Thanks for the great tips for finding a good HVAC company. I like how you said to compare different companies, but to compare similar aspects of each one. We’re hoping to get someone to come and service our system, so we’ll remember this.

  12. I liked that you had mentioned that it can be important to make sure that the technician who comes out to your home should appear as a professional and act as one too. My family and I have recently moved to a new home and for the past few weeks, our air conditioner has been giving us a problem. I’m worried that since the air conditioner is bad that the heater might be bad as well, I’ll have to look into hiring a company who acts professionally and can look at both my heater and air conditioner to try to fix the problem.

  13. Customer satisfaction really should be one of the end-all be-all things you look for when choosing an air conditioning repair service. After all, there are very few households nowadays that do not rely on air conditioners to keep cool during the hot summer months. Because of this, it is important to find an AC repair company that people like and trust to get their units up and running again once they’ve broken down.

  14. The home that my fiance and I just moved into is having AC problems and we think it is time to find air conditioning repair services. We appreciated you pointing out that reviews will offer an accurate overview of the company. As we keep looking, we will keep this in mind.

  15. Jen Pack says:

    My husband and I just moved into a new home, and we want to get the air conditioning checked out. We haven’t known who to call to come look at it since we are new, so I appreciate this information. I like the tip you give to look for someone that has good reviews on multiple online sites.

  16. I love your tip about checking 3rd party sources when looking at reviews of different AC repair companies. I usually check Google, but looking at Facebook, Angie’s List, and the BBB are good ideas as well. My husband and I want to get our AC fixed before the end of summer, and we want to know that we are getting the best service for our money. I’ll be sure to check these sites for review before we choose who to hire.

  17. Thanks for helping me choose the best AC repair company. You make a great point that as I search for the right AC repair contractor, that I need to make sure that they stand behind their work with a warranty. That makes complete sense because if they don’t stand behind it, then there must be something wrong with their service.

  18. Thanks for your comment about how HVAC contractors are professionals that are up to date on changing technology. I like how you said that they will know the best air conditioning units and other systems and installation process that are out there. My husband and I are considering contractors to have our air conditioner repaired since it hasn’t been cooling our home as well as it used to.

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